The novel "Saint Iggy" has many interesting characters. These characters make the story what it is: very heartfelt and touching. These characters influence each other in almost everything they do. These characters are:

-Mo's Mom
-Iggy's Mom
-Iggy's Dad
-Principal Olmos
-Mrs. Brando
-Freddie-The Gray Girl

Text from the picture:
"I'm looking for the gray girl, and if I found her, this time I wouldn't leaver her here. I would make up my mind and take her with us, even if I had to carry her, and once I got her free, I would find out who she mattered to, and once I found out who she mattered to I would make her stay with them whether she liked it or not." --Quote from Saint Iggy.


Iggy is the main character in the story. Every single thing that happens centers around him. He's the whole reason everything happens in the story does happen. He's the guy who got kicked out of school, who gets involved in things he shouldn't, and is the one who decides to make a plan to better himself. Iggy is said to be a trouble maker and a bad kid, but in the end, he tries to do what's right.


Mo is Iggy's best friend. He is the one Iggy goes to when he needs help, whether it be for money or just to talk. In the novel, he gets into some trouble. He gets drugs which he can't pay for, and tries his best to give them back. The dealer gets mad and threatens to shoot him. He goes through with the drug deal, resulting in the loss of Iggy's life.

Mo's Mom

Mo's mom is the person who  helps Iggy. She believes Iggy is a good kid. She helps him get to his hearing, although he doesn't go through with it. She took Iggy to get a haircut, takes him home to get his letter, and provides him with a home and clothing. She only wants what's best for everyone.

Iggy's Mom

We don't hear much about Iggy's mom in the story. We know that she's on drugs and that she goes missing for months at a time.  When Iggy finds her, she is with Freddie.

Iggy's Dad

Iggy's dad is always drunk or stoned. He doesn't have much of an impact on Iggy's life. He collects furniture that he finds on the curb and often goes off on rages. He hardly notices what's going on in Iggy's life.

Principal Olmos

Principal Olmos was Iggy's high school principal. He believed that Iggy was a good kid, regardless of what he done. Because of him, Iggy decided that he was going to try to change himself for the better.

Mrs. Brando

Mrs. Brando was the person who started all of the issues for Iggy. She falsely accused Iggy of threatening her, knowing that he would be expelled due to his reputation.


Freddie is the drug dealer in the story. He is the one that Iggy's dad, mom, and Mo all get their drugs from. He would bring drugs to Iggy's house and would offer them to Iggy. He threatened to shoot Mo. Towards the end, we find out that Iggy's mom has been with him the whole time. In the end, he is one of the causes of Iggy's death.

The Gray Girl

Iggy first met the gray girl as a child, when he said he was going to marry her. Later on, he gets reacquainted with her at one of the never-ending parties. He sees her every time something bad is about to happen. In the end, as he's dying, he sees the gray girl and walks away into the light with her. She was like his guardian angel.